Liturgy on the Margins is a site of conversation around diaconal ministry in the Australian Catholic Church.

This conversation has two main aims:

  • PRESENT: To recognise, celebrate and promote diaconal ministry in Australia, especially as it is experienced through liturgy in marginal spaces and communities.
  • FUTURE: To identify people and situations that yearn for such ministry, and potential leaders to carry out this ministry through formal Church endorsement.

This site furthers these aims by:

  • Sharing stories of communities who experience liturgy on the margins or who yearn for such diaconal ministry. This includes individuals who lead or feel called to lead such ministry.
  • Offering resources for discernment around the diaconate, particularly for those who are precluded by their gender from current discernment, formation and ordination programs.
  • Highlighting supports and endorsements for people engaged in this discernment.

We keep some parameters around this conversation. We seek to:

  • Keep a missionary and compassionate outlook, in line with Evangelii Gaudium and the agenda of the Australian Plenary Council.
  • Promote the Church of the poor and for the poor.
  • Build bridges among people, especially between marginal communities and the institutional Church.
  • Form relationships with communities of ministry, from which liturgy arises and to which liturgy leads.
  • Highlight the significance of the ordained diaconate and identify those with a capacity to respond to this call.
  • Appreciate the Church and its mission, given by Jesus Christ, to promote the reign of God, nourished by its liturgical and sacramental tradition.
  • Endorse the ability and responsibility of Church governance structures to provide for the liturgical needs of their people, by enabling willing ministers.
  • Listen to all voices with respect and in a spirit of gospel love.
  • Be open to creative and imaginative paths forward, led by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

At the same time, we try to avoid:

  • Limiting the conversation to pastoral ministries that are currently encouraged for baptised Catholics.
  • Broadening this conversation to other worthy topics, such as other governance roles, or other ministries that are ordained, installed or commissioned.
  • Seeking positions or roles for the sake of power over others.

We seek God’s guidance in this journey together. St Phoebe and St Stephen, pray for us.