Crumbs from the Banquet Table

Robyn Presdee, 30 March 2023 As COVID started to loom large, more and more restrictions came into place. The South Coast Correctional Centre decided that everyone over a certain age had to work from home. This affected one of the chaplains, Deacon Peter Presdee, who was working inside full-time. His wife, Robyn Presdee, was doingContinue reading “Crumbs from the Banquet Table”

The ‘Religious Dude’ and Much More!

Deacon Mark Kelly, 23 March 2023 From the navy to the power industry to the education system to the Church, Deacon Mark Kelly has had an interesting journey. Yet all of his experiences have made him who he is, and he “absolutely believes” that the Holy Spirit has been involved in spades.  After growing upContinue reading “The ‘Religious Dude’ and Much More!”

It’s Already Here; It’s Alive and Well!

Cathy Jones, 16 March 2023 Some of our readers may recall the story of Sr Gerri Boylan, Administrator and Pastoral Leader of the remote Western Australian gold-mining towns of Mount Magnet, Cue and Meekatharra. Well, recently I had the privilege of hearing from her successor, Cathy Jones, who appears to be the perfect candidate. CathyContinue reading “It’s Already Here; It’s Alive and Well!”

From the Peripheries to the Centre

Mario Trinidad, 9 March 2023 Mario Trinidad has had, in his own words, a “long journey”. He grew up in the Philippines in a middle class family, and went to an all boys exclusive Jesuit school. But through university, he “realised there is something more to life than amassing wealth, marrying and living happily everContinue reading “From the Peripheries to the Centre”

Liturgy, Word, Service and Funerals Close to the Heart

Sr Stancea Vichie MSS, 2 March 2023 In 2016, Sr Stancea Vichie MSS was in Rome with the International Union of Superiors General, in a meeting with Pope Francis. It was there that the question arose: as women already function effectively as deacons, could they not be ordained like those women in the early Church?Continue reading “Liturgy, Word, Service and Funerals Close to the Heart”

Liturgy – God’s Gift and Call

Angela Gorman, 23 February 2023 Angela Gorman strikes me as someone switched on to the movement of the Spirit. Her ready refrain in our interview was, “God is doing something new in me at the moment.” How could I help but be excited by this inspiring channel of hope? Angela grew up as a CatholicContinue reading “Liturgy – God’s Gift and Call”

Finding Meaning, Extending Hope

Fr Darryl Mackie, 16 February 2023 In liturgical ministry, says Fr Darryl Mackie, “we need to speak in a language that all may understand.” And so his liturgies are a result of relationships, listening and making choices that have meaning for the people he serves.  Life began for Darryl in Branxton/Greta (Hunter Valley), NSW, andContinue reading “Finding Meaning, Extending Hope”

Interview with Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ

Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ, 9 February 2023 Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ, described as the most senior woman in the Vatican, recently made a whirlwind tour of Australia. She gave talks and interviews with many people, and truly represented the synodal Church preparing for the Synod of Bishops gathering in 2023/2024. I was extremely privileged toContinue reading “Interview with Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ”

Our Greatest Wounds Are Our Greatest Gifts

Debra Zanella, 2 February 2023 As Debra Zanella ages, her understanding of ministry and liturgy have broadened, reaching across many aspects of her life in both the personal and work realms. She describes ministry as “my response and acceptance of God’s call for who I am, that gets embodied in the work that I do.”Continue reading “Our Greatest Wounds Are Our Greatest Gifts”