Crumbs from the Banquet Table

Robyn Presdee, 30 March 2023 As COVID started to loom large, more and more restrictions came into place. The South Coast Correctional Centre decided that everyone over a certain age had to work from home. This affected one of the chaplains, Deacon Peter Presdee, who was working inside full-time. His wife, Robyn Presdee, was doingContinue reading “Crumbs from the Banquet Table”

The ‘Religious Dude’ and Much More!

Deacon Mark Kelly, 23 March 2023 From the navy to the power industry to the education system to the Church, Deacon Mark Kelly has had an interesting journey. Yet all of his experiences have made him who he is, and he “absolutely believes” that the Holy Spirit has been involved in spades.  After growing upContinue reading “The ‘Religious Dude’ and Much More!”

It’s Already Here; It’s Alive and Well!

Cathy Jones, 16 March 2023 Some of our readers may recall the story of Sr Gerri Boylan, Administrator and Pastoral Leader of the remote Western Australian gold-mining towns of Mount Magnet, Cue and Meekatharra. Well, recently I had the privilege of hearing from her successor, Cathy Jones, who appears to be the perfect candidate. CathyContinue reading “It’s Already Here; It’s Alive and Well!”

Finding Meaning, Extending Hope

Fr Darryl Mackie, 16 February 2023 In liturgical ministry, says Fr Darryl Mackie, “we need to speak in a language that all may understand.” And so his liturgies are a result of relationships, listening and making choices that have meaning for the people he serves.  Life began for Darryl in Branxton/Greta (Hunter Valley), NSW, andContinue reading “Finding Meaning, Extending Hope”

Serving the Community brings Happiness

Deacon John Cinya, 25 November 2022 Deacon John Cinya has been with people experiencing material poverty and material wealth. Yet he has found that what really brings happiness is connected instead to our spiritual needs. It is grasped by individuals, “but also exercised in the community”. No matter what you have, when you know thatContinue reading “Serving the Community brings Happiness”

Ministry of the Words

Deacon Mick O’Donnell, 17 November 2022 Deacon Mick O’Donnell is a novelist, but his life makes a compelling and inspiring story of its own. Ordained in 1991, he has had 31 years as a permanent deacon and “is still in love with the ministry.”  Back in the 80’s, there were few such deacons in AustraliaContinue reading “Ministry of the Words”

Free to Help those in Need

Sr Helen Stannard RSM, 13 October 2022 Three “pivotal moments” stand out for Sr Helen Stannard RSM as she was discerning to join the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta 25 years ago. While on an overseas holiday, the promptings from God became virtually unmistakable. Helen ended up in Notre Dame de Misericordia (Our Lady of Mercy)Continue reading “Free to Help those in Need”

Liturgy’s Power in the Force

Deacon Jim Curtain, 26 May 2022 If anyone could tell you about the permanent diaconate, and liturgy on the margins, it is Deacon Jim Curtain. He has been ordained for 27 years, and has had the blessing of full-time ministry throughout that time. He has journeyed from air force chaplaincy to school ministry to directorContinue reading “Liturgy’s Power in the Force”

To Nourish and Nurture

Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi, 21 April 2022 Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi tells me all about her ministries: loitering with intent around people, serving them, affirming them, advocating for them. And peppered throughout our conversation, she declares “and that is a part of the liturgy”.  To Tau’alofa, worship intersects with community work and living into justice. She feelsContinue reading “To Nourish and Nurture”

Newly Ordained Deacon of the Uniting Church in Australia

Rev Chelsea Size, 10 February 2022 In late November, 2021, Rev Chelsea Size was ordained a Deacon for the Uniting Church in Australia. She tells me that her lifelong call to ministry started a long time before her specific formation for ordination within this church. It all began in her childhood, in a quiet ruralContinue reading “Newly Ordained Deacon of the Uniting Church in Australia”