In the Media

In the last couple of weeks, we have been sharing this conversation in other media outlets. Thank you to everyone who has listened and been willing to discuss and discern together! Rev. Sandy Boyce and Elizabeth Young RSM presented in a session by Women and the Australian Church about women and the diaconate. See: WATACContinue reading “In the Media”

Women Religious, Women Deacons: Questions and Answers

Here is a legitimate question. If women were to be restored to the ordained ministry as permanent deacons, then would, should or could one be both a deacon and a member of a female religious order? That might sound rather theoretical, and perhaps only applicable to a small number of women, but it is aContinue reading “Women Religious, Women Deacons: Questions and Answers”

Women: Icons of Christ

Recently I was exploring some coastal wilderness near my mother’s home. Pausing at some tasty-looking wild beans, my deceased father’s words from many years ago rang in my head. “Is this plant poisonous?” I had asked. Dad’s typically wise response was: “Investigate yourself. Try it and see.” So I did, just a little bit, andContinue reading “Women: Icons of Christ”

What is Diaconal Ministry?

This is a question that has much exercised my pondering neurons of late. There doesn’t seem to be a simple or universally-agreed answer. I’m bearing in mind that the current model of the ministry has only existed in the Roman Catholic Church since Vatican II in the 1960s, so it is still in the earlyContinue reading “What is Diaconal Ministry?”

About Women in the Diaconate

There is a long history of women in the diaconate, starting with St Phoebe, named in Romans 16:1-2. A verse in 1 Timothy 3:11 also refers to the qualifications of women deacons.1 At the time, all ministries in the church were in development, and there were no clear structures or offices, such as the bishop/priest/deaconContinue reading “About Women in the Diaconate”

Discerning Deacons

Discerning Deacons is a project that was started earlier this year (2021) in the United States. Its website proclaims: ‘We engage Catholics in the active discernment of our Church about women and the diaconate.‘ The Discerning Deacons team has really inspired this blog around Liturgy on the Margins, particularly as it shares stories of peopleContinue reading “Discerning Deacons”