Diaconal Formation from the Past, for the Future

Sr Patricia Fox RSM, 15 December 2022 Sr Patricia Fox RSM has had a lifetime of education, formation and church leadership. Lately she went digging back into her history, to several years running the Adelaide Archdiocese Ministry Formation Program. It was not a long time, she recalls, but very significant both for her personally andContinue reading “Diaconal Formation from the Past, for the Future”

St Phoebe 2023 and Elizabeth Visits the Abbey

Two items today. Firstly, our Australian Catholics Exploring the Diaconate group is planning a special event for the Feast of St Phoebe 2023. It will take the form of a retreat for those interested in the permanent diaconate, and will be a chance to get together in person. We are planning to have times ofContinue reading “St Phoebe 2023 and Elizabeth Visits the Abbey”

Mission to the Margins, in Service

Sr Bernadette Wallis MSS, 1 December 2022 Today Sr Bernadette Wallis MSS reflects on liturgy on the margins in her own words. Thanks, Bernadette! The margins, of course, are the centre of the universe for those who live in places or lifestyles that are considered ‘margins’ by others!  However, when we are in those margins,Continue reading “Mission to the Margins, in Service”

Serving the Community brings Happiness

Deacon John Cinya, 25 November 2022 Deacon John Cinya has been with people experiencing material poverty and material wealth. Yet he has found that what really brings happiness is connected instead to our spiritual needs. It is grasped by individuals, “but also exercised in the community”. No matter what you have, when you know thatContinue reading “Serving the Community brings Happiness”

Ministry of the Words

Deacon Mick O’Donnell, 17 November 2022 Deacon Mick O’Donnell is a novelist, but his life makes a compelling and inspiring story of its own. Ordained in 1991, he has had 31 years as a permanent deacon and “is still in love with the ministry.”  Back in the 80’s, there were few such deacons in AustraliaContinue reading “Ministry of the Words”

A Vision from God

Vanessa Comninos, 10 November 2022 Vanessa Comninos was an optometrist, helping people with their physical vision. But one day, her sister reminded her of Jesus’ call to Simon Peter, “drop your nets and follow me”. So Vanessa set out into the deep to help people with their spiritual vision: to see God and for GodContinue reading “A Vision from God”

Gail Gill – Still on the Journey

Gail Gill, 3 November 2022 This week we are privileged to hear from Gail Gill in her own words – thanks so much for sharing your story, Gail! And STOP PRESS – the Working Document for the Continental Stage of the 2023-2024 Synod of Bishops has just come out. It mentions permanent deacons a fewContinue reading “Gail Gill – Still on the Journey”

Possibilities for deacons in Religious Institutes (RI)

Rev. Assoc. Prof. Anthony Gooley, 27 October 2022 At our Feast of St Phoebe Webinar, Deacon Anthony noted one of the unanswered questions and kindly offered this blog post in response. It also relates directly to the recent blog about Sr Helen. Thanks, Anthony! I was asked by a member of a women’s Religious InstituteContinue reading Possibilities for deacons in Religious Institutes (RI)

Going into the Deep – National Deacons’ Conference

I have just come back from the National Deacons’ Conference at Baulkham Hills, NSW, with the theme song still ringing in my ears: “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” The song, as well as the display and so many of the conference talks and materials were specially created for the days of the 13-16th ofContinue reading “Going into the Deep – National Deacons’ Conference”

Free to Help those in Need

Sr Helen Stannard RSM, 13 October 2022 Three “pivotal moments” stand out for Sr Helen Stannard RSM as she was discerning to join the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta 25 years ago. While on an overseas holiday, the promptings from God became virtually unmistakable. Helen ended up in Notre Dame de Misericordia (Our Lady of Mercy)Continue reading “Free to Help those in Need”