To Lead, To Teach, To Include

Anne Hansen, 30 June 2022 Anne Hansen looks around her church as people are gathered together for liturgy. She thinks of all the different stories among the assembly: the broken-hearted, the alienated, the rejected. And for the few minutes that they are together as the Body of Christ, something happens that is “very graced andContinue reading “To Lead, To Teach, To Include”

In the Media

In the last couple of weeks, we have been sharing this conversation in other media outlets. Thank you to everyone who has listened and been willing to discuss and discern together! Rev. Sandy Boyce and Elizabeth Young RSM presented in a session by Women and the Australian Church about women and the diaconate. See: WATACContinue reading “In the Media”

Giving Voice in the Body of Christ

Fiona Dyball, 16 June 2022 For Fiona Dyball, making music means doing our part, then opening ourselves up to the mystery. “It moves in you and there is a kind of sacred joy that comes from partnering with the Spirit.” In this, she finds that many musicians are “innately spiritual”.  Fiona’s connections between faith, music,Continue reading “Giving Voice in the Body of Christ”

Not Just a Liturgical Frill

Deacon Justic Stanwix, 9 June 2022 Deacon Justin Stanwix tells me that he is one of the oldest ordained deacons in the country, so he has a lot to offer over many years of observing and participating in ministry. He started a long and fruitful involvement with the Church in his uni days, soaking upContinue reading “Not Just a Liturgical Frill”

Women and the Diaconate – Plenary Council and WATAC Presents

Check out MOTION 54! The motions to be voted on at the second session of the Plenary Council of the Australian Catholic Church, in July, have been released. And MOTION 54 is one to watch, discern and discuss. Here is the relevant part: THEREFORE, this Plenary Council commits the Church in Australia to overcoming theContinue reading “Women and the Diaconate – Plenary Council and WATAC Presents”

Liturgy’s Power in the Force

Deacon Jim Curtain, 26 May 2022 If anyone could tell you about the permanent diaconate, and liturgy on the margins, it is Deacon Jim Curtain. He has been ordained for 27 years, and has had the blessing of full-time ministry throughout that time. He has journeyed from air force chaplaincy to school ministry to directorContinue reading “Liturgy’s Power in the Force”

God in Sound and Silence

Danielle Lynch, 19 May 2022 For Danielle Lynch, the idea of her ‘ministry journey’ is very much an unintended, or accidental one. Yet hearing how it has unfolded so far, it seems that she has been set on a course that fits her interests, skills, and desire to connect with others. She grew up inContinue reading “God in Sound and Silence”

School Ministry on the Margins

Sr Duyen Nguyen RSM, 5 May 2022 In the following blog piece, Sr Duyen Thi My Nguyen, RSM kindly offered to share her experience of liturgy on the margins in her own words. No one working in a wealthy Catholic school in an urban city of Australia could say that their ministry is on theContinue reading “School Ministry on the Margins”

Working in God’s Zone

Mary Anne Gordon, 28 April 2022 “It was meant to be.” That is Mary Anne Gordon’s firm conviction about her current role as a remote rural pastoral worker. “I believe I got this job because the Holy Spirit wanted me to.” And it all started way out west in the back o’ Bourke… Literally. MaryContinue reading “Working in God’s Zone”

To Nourish and Nurture

Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi, 21 April 2022 Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi tells me all about her ministries: loitering with intent around people, serving them, affirming them, advocating for them. And peppered throughout our conversation, she declares “and that is a part of the liturgy”.  To Tau’alofa, worship intersects with community work and living into justice. She feelsContinue reading “To Nourish and Nurture”