Acts 6:1-7 the story of Deacons?

By Rev. Assoc. Prof. Anthony Gooley I have had the privilege of sometimes meeting with a small network of Catholics exploring ministry and the ministry of deacon in our Australian context. One of the suggestions from that network is that I might consider contributing a few short pieces to this blog to provide some foodContinue reading Acts 6:1-7 the story of Deacons?

In the Media

In the last couple of weeks, we have been sharing this conversation in other media outlets. Thank you to everyone who has listened and been willing to discuss and discern together! Rev. Sandy Boyce and Elizabeth Young RSM presented in a session by Women and the Australian Church about women and the diaconate. See: WATACContinue reading “In the Media”

Not Just a Liturgical Frill

Deacon Justin Stanwix tells me that he is one of the oldest ordained deacons in the country, so he has a lot to offer over many years of observing and participating in ministry. He started a long and fruitful involvement with the Church in his uni days, soaking up the implementation of Vatican II inContinue reading “Not Just a Liturgical Frill”

Liturgy’s Power in the Force

If anyone could tell you about the permanent diaconate, and liturgy on the margins, it is Deacon Jim Curtain. He has been ordained for 27 years, and has had the blessing of full-time ministry throughout that time. He has journeyed from air force chaplaincy to school ministry to director of mission in hospitals to diocesanContinue reading “Liturgy’s Power in the Force”

To Nourish and Nurture

Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi tells me all about her ministries: loitering with intent around people, serving them, affirming them, advocating for them. And peppered throughout our conversation, she declares “and that is a part of the liturgy”.  To Tau’alofa, worship intersects with community work and living into justice. She feels that her calling is to theContinue reading “To Nourish and Nurture”

Starting with the Scattered – Deacons in the Uniting Church

What does the diaconate look like in other Christian denominations? I decided to learn a bit more about the experience of the Uniting Church in Australia, and spoke to Rev. Sandy Boyce, a deacon in Adelaide and the president of the Diakonia World Federation. This organisation is an ecumenical community and forum for those engagedContinue reading “Starting with the Scattered – Deacons in the Uniting Church”

The Heart and the Spine: Deacon Michael Tan

Deacon Michael Tan brings so much to his diaconal ministry. He became a Catholic in his late teenage years, he married and had a professional career in medicine. Michael has been through a spiritual journey that led from Malaysia to Australia and from Chinese spiritualities to Catholicism. He calls his baptism “a response to grace”Continue reading “The Heart and the Spine: Deacon Michael Tan”

Newly Ordained Deacon of the Uniting Church in Australia

In late November, 2021, Rev Chelsea Size was ordained a Deacon for the Uniting Church in Australia. She tells me that her lifelong call to ministry started a long time before her specific formation for ordination within this church. It all began in her childhood, in a quiet rural town in South Australia. Her familyContinue reading “Newly Ordained Deacon of the Uniting Church in Australia”

The Blood of the Street

Tom’s* Mum was dying, thousands of kilometers away, and he didn’t know what to do. Tom was not religious but he did know someone who was. Peter Presdee, a Catholic Deacon and Chaplain, had passed him in the prison where he worked as an officer. Peter would say hello and have a yarn. And heContinue reading “The Blood of the Street”