Fr Harold in the Wilderness

“The walking smile.” That’s what Bishop Greg O’Kelly dubbed him, and the name has stuck. Fr Harold Camonias is like a strolling beam of sunshine and I was lucky enough to get to know him in the Port Pirie Diocese, South Australia. Harold is naturally gifted at youth ministry, and accompanied our World Youth Day group and any youth activities from the first moment he stepped foot in the diocese. Then we were fortunate to celebrate his ordination to the priesthood as part of our diocesan Youth Assembly, in which he also led a Mass in the school chapel for our little group. Harold loves to be on the margins and to meet people where they are. I have also been impressed by his boundless energy for service, which I am glad he balances with solitude on his camping adventures. Recently, a story about his ministry was featured in The Catholic Weekly – see the link. It is wonderful to see how he is following God’s call through the highways and byways of our great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

Fr Harold was happy to share his story here and to encourage us in this conversation. Here is a picture of him celebrating Mass for a group of young people (2017), and a picture of the wilderness in which he serves.

Fr Harold celebrating Mass with Brendan, Tapiwa, Selina and Jimwell
The landscape in Fr Harold’s parish

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