Sr Patty Fawkner SGS – An Agent of Reconciliation

Sr Patty is a real inspiration to me. Not only is she the Congregational Leader of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, but she speaks clearly as a voice of justice and spirituality. She has written some wonderful articles for the Good Oil, including her hopes for women in Church ministries. From the very start, Patty’s leadership has directed the Sisters’ focus to people at the margins.

Here she shares with us some of her own experience of the reconciling ministry:

“Part of my role as Congregational Leader of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan is to visit each of the Sisters in my congregation. COVID has halted this for a while. This Visitation is, for me, the most precious part of my leadership role. I learn much about the individual Sister, her reality, her hopes and struggles. It helps me get a better sense of what is important in the lives of my Sisters, and how I should lead. I try to listen, to encourage and, if necessary, to challenge.

At times when I have engaged in a face to face conversation, the Sister has “confessed” to me something of her life’s journey. During these intimate conversations, I know that I am an agent of God’s forgiveness and reconciliation. I assure the Sister that she is precious, loved, and forgiven by God and by me.”

Thank you for sharing, Patty!

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