Prayer Network

Are you inspired by this diaconal discernment and moved to contribute your gift of prayer? If so, it is very welcome. Perhaps you aren’t able to be involved in other ways, but feel the movement of God’s spirit in what we are doing. Australian Catholics Exploring the Diaconate would greatly appreciate your prayerful intent and spiritual resources. Blessed by many already expressing their support, we have created this simple way to be part of a prayer network. Please join if you are able to:

  • Commit to regularly hold this ministry in prayer

There are many ways that you might make this commitment, just as there are many ways that we pray. It may be: including this ministry in your prayer intentions; adding this ministry to your intercessions; offering this ministry in a decade of the rosary; or holding the ministry in your mind, silently entrusting it to God’s provision. 

By joining the network on this page, all we will collect is your email address. There may be a very occasional message to the entire group, but it is separate to signing up for the blog and will not negatively impact your inbox. 

Intention: For diaconal ministry in the Catholic Church in Australia. We pray that the Spirit will guide all those who are performing, overseeing, discerning and receiving from this ministry.

Alternatively, you may wish to say the prayer below.   

God of mission and wisdom,
we open ourselves to your movement in the world today.
Reach out through us in your mission
to minister with those on the margins of our society,  
those who are suffering, and our wounded Earth.
Inspire our Church community with wise leadership 
and the grace to recognise our various gifts, ministries and charisms.
Call us to your service, and strengthen
all the faithful who share in diaconal ministry.
May we recognise, affirm and support
this ministry into the future.
In Jesus’ name, through the Holy Spirit,

St Stephen and St Phoebe, pray for us.

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