Women and the Diaconate – Plenary Council and WATAC Presents

Check out MOTION 54! The motions to be voted on at the second session of the Plenary Council of the Australian Catholic Church, in July, have been released. And MOTION 54 is one to watch, discern and discuss. Here is the relevant part:

  1. THEREFORE, this Plenary Council commits the Church in Australia to overcoming the impact of the assumptions that lead to inequality, and to “enhancing the role of women in the Church”. This will involve: …

d. women engaged in ministry sharing their experiences and reflections on women’s ministry with our bishops, and reporting to Pope Francis’ reconstituted Study Commission on the Female Diaconate; and

e. considering women for ministry as deacon – should Pope Francis authorise such ministry in light of the findings of the reconstituted Study Commission on the Female Diaconate.

So let’s share our experiences and consider, along with the Holy Spirit. To be part of the conversation, I invite you to attend WATAC’s online session on exactly this topic next Wednesday night. You will hear an international and ecumenical perspective as well as one from on the ground in the Australian Catholic Church.

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