In the Media

In the last couple of weeks, we have been sharing this conversation in other media outlets. Thank you to everyone who has listened and been willing to discuss and discern together!

Rev. Sandy Boyce and Elizabeth Young RSM presented in a session by Women and the Australian Church about women and the diaconate. See: WATAC Presents: Women and the Diaconate.

Elizabeth Young shared an article in Eureka Street about the stories behind Motion 54, which will be voted on at the upcoming session of the Australia Plenary Council. See: Should women be deacons? The stories behind Motion 54.

Fiona Basile interviewed Elizabeth Young about this ministry of Liturgy on the Margins for Catholic Religious Australia. See: Liturgy on the Margins.

We would also like you to save the date of 3 September (10am – 12pm AEST, 8am – 10am AWST) for our Feast of St Phoebe webinar. For more information or to register, see our Event Page.

One thought on “In the Media

  1. Liturgy on the Margin was also a feature article in the TOGETHER, the paper distributed by this diocese. We must hope that it causes much discussion and reflection by its contents


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