Preaching for the Fifth Sunday of Easter – the Seven Delegated and Sent

Elizabeth Young rsm, 1 May 2023

This week I was privileged to be asked to preach for Catholic Women Preach, a global project that uses modern technology to bring the voices of diverse Catholic women to the proclamation of the Gospel. On this Fifth Sunday of Easter, like the early followers of Jesus, we are called to see the needs for ministry around us, and do something about them, both personally and as a Church.

5 thoughts on “Preaching for the Fifth Sunday of Easter – the Seven Delegated and Sent

  1. Great to hear you preach, Elizabeth. Congrats. Such an engaging homily with a simple logical passionate message. I listened to your homily by my mum’s bedside in Finley Hospital.

    Good wishes for a new week.

    Renewed thanks.



  2. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.
    Thank you. I am involved in a preaching circle and learning much. Your homily is a great example to follow.
    Feeling quite grateful we connected.

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